In Key GOP Race, Sun’s Colon Opposes Democrats


We’re sticking by our zendorsements, but Alicia Colon comes out strong in the New York Sun for Dr. Jamshad Wyne, whose case has been considered here, and who is running against Bob Straniere for the GOP Congressional nomination in the 13th CD, which encompasses Staten Island, Colon’s bailiwick. Strainere offended Colon by referring to Wyne’s ethnicity. Also, Wyne is a doctor, and “having a doctor in the House seems like a good idea.” And though the Health Department put Dr. Wyne on probation, that “was about his record-keeping,” not his medical practice. To sum up, “‘Change’ is the campaign buzzword, but before we changed to a Democratic Congress in 2006, regular gas sold for $2.19, unemployment was 4.5%, consumer confidence was high, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 14,000.” What has that got to do with a Republican primary race? Did we mention this was in the New York Sun?

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