New Sex Jam: M.I.A. Says “Hit That,” Internet Confused


Today, Blender posts a link to “A Milli”–producer Bangladesh’s MySpace, where he’s streaming “Hit That,” a song that just happens to feature M.I.A. and which was apparently originally slated for Kala until she realized “Paper Planes” (which jacks the same Wreckx-N-Effect chorus) was an infinitely better song. No angry diatribes this time, especially since M.I.A. almost certainly had no hand in leaking the track, which after all she left unreleased. There may well be a hint of “Come Around“/Timbaland–type racial/sexual confusion (remember? “Baby girl, you and me/Need to go to your teepee”?) here, but then again, maybe not: “Hit That” mostly just sounds unfinished. This is the only M.I.A. sex song ever recorded though, right?

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