NYC RFD: Times Interviews Lunatic; Also, Killer, Potter, Burger


A man named Luis stands on a footbridge over the LIE in Queens and waves flags at passing traffic. He says he does this at other locations, describes his turf as his “office” and “university.” “Luis keeps his last name, his age, and many other things about himself private,” says the New York Times‘ Corey Kilgannon, whose failure to report Luis to social services as a dangerous menace calls attention to the conflict between journalistic and civic responsibility.

Yovanni Rivera has been found guilty of the 2006 slaying of Carlos Flores in Flushing Meadows Park, reports Newsday. Rivera stabbed Flores with a machete and took $20 and a MetroCard from him. He faces sentencing next month. Rivera and a accomplice are tied to several attacks in Queens, one of which has left Jae Woo Park in a coma. reports that grosses along the Great White Way have dropped dramatically, with “no shows,” not even the musicals, reporting full houses. Top paid ticket price went to Equus, still in previews, in which Harry Potter appears naked.

Spoiler TV reveals that in the September 29 episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” the annoying characters will go in search of the best burger in the New York, which is actually Joe Jr.’s on Sixth Avenue, but we don’t expect the CBS show to “get” that — no one else does.

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