Shocking New Book a Rudy Awakening For Giuliani?


Remember when Rudy Giuliani was happily living with those two gays? And slipping into drag whenever he had a free moment and the right sized panties? And gleefully upholding the St. Patty’s Parade’s right to exclude the queers, no doubt so he could hang with them in private that day?

Well, put away your 9/11 Heroes calendar for a second and consider this: Is Rudy actually “that way” himself? Could the womanizing adulterer (with, admittedly, a slight lisp) actually have been bisexual at one point?

God, I hope not! With his twisted family values, Rudy’s not exactly the kind of icon we gays delight in claiming as our own! We’re not terribly anxious to announce that the man who cleaned up Times Square and, worse, served as a warmup act for Sarah Palin is one of our kindred sisters of the traveling pants suit!

And yet, some audacious new book called Homothug is claiming just that. Author A.J. Weberman swears that Rudy was not only bi, but that his lover was a defrocked Catholic cleric and child rapist!

As we re-gather our collective breath, so many kooky questions come to mind: Could this insanity actually have any truth to it? Would a Catholic cleric ever really love an adult? And more importantly, are you pervs a little jealous? Well, the ex cleric’s still around and presumably above the law and totally available! But not Rudy! He’s hopelesly devoted to his third wife so far.

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