Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Lenka’s “The Show”


Last week’s prediction: Nth-generation emo, all male, the word “you” in the chorus.

After last week’s near oracular performance, we go back to being abysmally wrong. This week’s artist, Lenka, somewhat Russian name aside, was actually “born in the bush,” according to her official bio, in the general area of Sydney, Australia. “Her first friends were trees.” Now she dwells in L.A., after journeyman stints in such luminaries as Australia’s own Decoder Ring, which may or may not have been an electronica band.

Shades of fellow countrywoman Sia here: adorable good looks, a kind of light beer, Feist–type endearing vocal coo, detours through multiple voguish genres, and a measure of fame off a TV soundtrack—one of her songs, we’re told, “provided the soundtrack to Courtney Cox masturbating in Dirt.” Like Sia, she’s celebrating her album release in New York City—September 23, Mercury Lounge—despite having no discernible roots in the area. Perhaps as preparation for her first Apple commercial, Lenka’s (she even has a made-up name, just like Sia’s!) video for this week’s free iTunes Single of the Week breaks out the felt bird puppets, and depicts Lenka being yanked around some idyllic suburb in various states of undress. Celebrity lookalike spotters may note a slight resemblance to Parker Posey.

Next week’s prediction: bald dude, lots of anguish.

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