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Get the PS Out of the UN! City Schools Shun Fire-Trap Landmark


We have been around a long time and seen many right-wing notions that were once thought extreme become mainstream. Nonetheless we never dreamed that when the U.S. started to turn against the United Nations, the thin end of the wedge would be New York Public Schools.

Apparently the underfunded international body has been unable to update the fireproofing in its 58-year-old facilities to include such modern luxuries as a complete set of fire doors. So the city is suspending all school tours, says the New York Post, until the one-worlders get their act together.

Things may go further:

The letter sent by the city’s commissioner for the UN, Marjorie Tiven, accuses UN management of originally delaying access of city inspectors to their premises and, when hundreds of violations of local code were discovered, making commitments to fix them on which the UN later reneged. Tiven calls this a “public safety issue” and adds, “It is not within the United Nations’ discretion (or the City’s) to assign different values to the lives of tourists in the Headquarters’ public areas, versus the lives of United Nations employees and business visitors in the high-rise Secretariat building.”

This suggests to us that the city may get tougher still with the UN. If it’s not safe for kids, maybe it’s not safe for anybody, and perhaps is in fact a menace that needs to be shut down. Thus we may see these globo-socialists driven at last from our shores — and in an irony worthy of Orwell, or at least Allen Drury, it will have been the busybody agents of our nanny state that drove them.


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