Our Man Sietsema Ponders Vermont Curry, Curry-Ya


This week, Our Man Sietsema enthusiastically examines Curry-Ya, the Japanese curry spot.

It wouldn’t be an Our Man column without tidbits like these:

According to a survey by S&B Foods, a Japanese curry manufacturer, people in Japan currently eat curry at least five times a month.


Japanese curries invariably involve a gluey brown gravy—thickened with flour and flavored with raw curry powder—that would make Indian chefs wince. One of the country’s premier brands, Vermont Curry, boasts that it’s sweetened with apple and honey. (Please ponder the significance of “Vermont Curry” and then let me know what it means.)

Yeah! Why is it called Vermont Curry? Because of the apples?

Our Man seems more fascinated with the food than completely pleased by it–he’s having fun. Every element of the meal has something quirky about it. The rice is molded into the shape of a LifeSaver, the salads are weird multicultural blends of things like seaweed and baby lettuce, and the curry toppings are strangest of all, including raisins, dehydrated garlic, and cheddar cheese.

Of the meat choices, Our Man likes the panko-breaded pork, but suggests the hamburger: “It might leave you scratching your head—but with your hunger magnificently satisfied.”

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