The ‘Real World Brooklyn’: Cast Members Revealed!


Meet Chet. That’s not his fiancee.

So there’s thing called the Real World? That’s filming in Red Hook? And is ostensibly important? Guess so: photos of “Chet,” the supposedly engaged virgin Mormon, smooching America’s Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson at Monday night’s Semi-Precious Weapons fashion-week soiree are already Internet famous. But “Chet” wasn’t the only Real World Brooklyn dope at the Rebel shindig—there were others photographed by Nate ‘Igor’ Smith. Here we have:

The woman of color. According to photographer Nate ‘Igor’ Smith, “She kept grabbing her boobs and talking about how they were 34-DD’s.”

The douchey player. “He was all over three different girls at least.”

“He was super-fratty looking,” Igor says, “But I actually talked to him more than anyone, and he seemed like a good guy.” Girl unidentified.

The congenial rube who likes to laugh. Yee-haw.

The tacky tanning fiend. “The girl on the right is [a cast member], but I am not sure about the girl on the left.”

Again, about to make out with Semi Precious frontman Justin Tranter.

“They had their own cameras with them and they just took photo after photo of themselves, but wouldn’t pose for actual portraits. . . One guy covered up his mic and told me to shoot anyway, then he removed his hand from the mic and said ‘I am really sorry I can’t pose, but it’s in my contract’ and then he winked at me. . . They seemed to feel pretty bad about this, as I am sure anyone who would go on the Real World must love having their picture taken. One of them whispered to me that I should just take photos of them when they were dancing and stuff.”

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