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Wallabout: New Dive Bar Frontier


Robin Lester of Clinton Hill Blog finally went into the Navy Yard Lounge on Flushing Avenue. Her friends got patted down and her bag inspected, and there were “ladies in lingerie.” It seems to have given her a grudging thrill. Josh Bernstein of the New York Press got there a few years earlier with his Scary Bar Report, and LimestoneKid has touted it at the Brooklynian message boards, along with the Reign Nightclub and the Chocolate Bar. The Lounge also has two favorable reviews at Yelp.

This reminds us of the alleged Wallabout boom we were hearing about last year. We were wondering what had become of that, but these items suggest it’s in full swing, because an essential feature of any successful neighborhood upgrade is the discovery and adoption by sentimental outsiders of local dives, over which they can cry when they are replaced by tapas bars in a couple of years.

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