Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown”: Weirder Than “A Milli”?


Great art

Anyone who saw the cathartic, audience-wide singalong during Kanye’s sad-robot “Put On” verse at August’s Young Jeezy show—for which the artist wasn’t even in the building—could’ve figured (the new, non-rapping) West was onto something. “Love Lockdown,” apparently, was it: bizarrely minimalist, confusingly personal, stridently therapeutic. It’s the single weirdest thing to get bumped out of speakers across the country since at least “A Milli.” Sean Fennessey at Vibe calls it “stadium music,” as per a prediction West made in advance of Graduation, but if this wasn’t Kanye’s song, what stadium in the world could get behind something so patently off-key and claustrophobic?

Kanye West, “Love Lockdown” [via Kanye’s Blog]

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