Mexican Buys Piece of Times; Treason Charges Expected


We had heard that a Mexican billionaire was looking to buy a piece of the New York Times, but we’d heard Rupert Murdoch wanted one too, and there are so many more important things to worry about, like the Large Hadron Collider. Now we learn that Carlos Slim Helu has become the Times‘ third biggest shareholder with a $127M, 6.4 percent share.

NYT stock got a bump from it, but the Wall Street Journal is blase: “Buying underperforming companies on the cheap and pushing for changes to boost the stock is a tried and true tactic… the Times will likely end up selling more assets…” That ought to make Uncle Rupert feel better.

Question: since conservatives believe the Times is the house organ of the Democratic Party, will they move to prosecute Obama for taking donations from an agent of a foreign government?


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