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NYC RFD: Cop Hits Kid, Bike Hits Bus, Mug Shoots Cop, Dog Saves Man


According to a witness, police officer Desmond Nichols got mad when 17-year-old Jessica Williams, whom he had stopped for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk of Throop Street in Bed-Stuy, called him a rookie. So he said, “I had enough of your smart mouth” and punched her in the jaw, breaking it in two places and knocking her out, reports the Daily News. The NYPD claims Williams resisted arrest, though she was only charged with marijuana possession, and that she threw the first punch. Williams is filing a lawsuit.

An off-duty cop was shot in the leg as he sat in his car in Staten Island early this morning. The Staten Island Advance says police already have one suspect and are seeking others. Later this morning SI cops also picked up a guy who was standing around Stapleton with a garbage bag full of stuff he had just smash-and-grabbed out of a car. His accomplices were also arrested.

WCBS celebrates a little Bichon Frise named Lexi, who led rescuers to an old man who had collapsed in his Brooklyn apartment.

Yesterday cyclist Jonathan Milstein, though helmeted, was killed when he struck and was run over by a bus at Eighth Avenue and President Street in Park Slope, says the Brooklyn Paper.

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