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Rabbi Claims Harassment, Quits Hikind’s Abuse Panel


Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind has established a task force to ferret out child sex abuse in the local orthodox community. Rabbi Benzion Twerski has resigned from the task force, forced off, he says, by harassment from the community. Twerski, who is also a psychologist, “said some people told him they’d cross the street to avoid him, and that his adult children were told their children would never marry,” reports the New York Post.

At the orthodox Voz iz Neias website, commenters on Twerski’s appointment were mostly positive, and mostly supportive after his resignation, and often angry. “Dov is a true leader of the community,” said one, “not the guys who hide behind the long beards and black hats and try to look ‘frum’ [pious].”

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