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Actual Coverage of McCain-Obama at Columbia


Has the oil industry gotten to Barack Obama?

Last night at the National Service Forum at Columbia University, Obama declared that his “bold” energy plan would reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil by “20 or 30 percent over the course of a decade or two.”

Only two weeks ago, during his rousing August 28 speech at the Democratic National Convention, his energy plan was quite a bit bolder. There, he told the crowd he would “finally end our dependence on oil in the Middle East” in ten years.

Oh well, the presidential campaign is always a journey on the road of diminished expectations.

On the brighter side, Obama vowed to “make government cool again,” recalling those halcyon days of the Rutherford B. Hayes administration when being a bureaucrat was about the best thing you could be, and miring an appropriations bill in endless debate was considered “edgy.”

Obama’s Republican opponent John McCain also appeared at the event, which was held to stress the importance of community service — a suitably safe subject to discuss on September 11.

For his part, McCain pretended to snooze at one point, lampooning his advanced age, and told the crowd that typically, rich folks aren’t the ones out there volunteering. He also claimed that he rarely discusses his military service, which prompted one media wag to chuckle, “Yeah, only in every other sentence.”


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