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Concert Alert: A Wing and a Prayer!


According to a press release I just got, notorious chanteuse Wing “has been compared to Florence Foster Jenkins, who raised alternative singing into an art form.” That’s like saying The Love Guru raised alternative comedy into an art form. “Alternative” is clearly a code word for endearingly stinky. After all, Florence Foster Jenkins, as you may know, was not terribly talented and even more deliciously, she never got the memo about that. She thought she totally rocked and no one dared tell the diva otherwise!

And that’s the brilliance of Wing as well. A sort of female William Hung, the Hong Kong-born resident of New Zealand (who was immortalized on a South Park episode) couldn’t hit a note with a baseball bat, yet she clearly thinks she’s more Callas than callous and that’s what makes her subtle massacring of Carpenters and Sound of Music songs so damned wonderful. I wouldn’t trade her for all the competent lounge singers in the world.

Wing is ALMOST good, and it turns out that doesn’t only count in horseshoes, it counts in alternative singing too. The woman’s got spunk—and now she’s going to bring it to Gotham for the very first time, and we’d better get ready for this whole new terror attack. She will play Jim Caruso‘s Cast Party on Monday, October 20 at 9:30PM at Birdland (315 West 44th Street). Tickets can be purchased either online @, or by telephone @ 212.581.3080.

If you stay home and miss this, that would be so alternative!

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