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Former Son of Sam Lawyer Caught Playing Deputy, Suspended


Ira Jultak, best known for serving as attorney for “Son of Sam” slayer David Berkowitz in 1977, was suspended from his job as assistant state attorney in Broward County, Florida on Tuesday. That’s because cops found him impersonating a sheriff’s deputy, the New Times of Broward-Palm Beach reports.

Jultak was caught in a local store, “wearing a black sheriff’s office t-shirt along with a firearm and badge on his belt,” according to a sheriff’s office bulletin. Though theirs is a more wide-open jurisdiction than our own, Florida assistant state attorneys have no standing to comport themselves thus. Jultak is scheduled to retire on the 30th, so this basically gives him more time to pack his memorabilia, unless charges are pressed, which is usually what happens when someone is caught impersonating an officer.

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