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Forward: GOP Goniffs Look For Jewish Votes


Though American Jews normally go Democratic, the GOP is looking to finagle some of their votes. Not with Lieberman — he apparently isn’t drawing his co-religionists — but with the haimishkeit of Sarah Palin, according to the Daily Forward (“GOP Shops Palin to Jews”). They refer to the Republican Jewish Coalition, which has Jewish Hawaiian Governor Linda Lingle declaring, “In her office in Juneau, Governor Palin has hung an Israeli flag. She displays the flag because Israel is in her heart.” The Forward adds that orthodox Jewish-Americans in Israel are being lobbied by Agudath Israel, ultra-orthodox rabbis, and other rightwing groups to cast absentee ballots for McCain. Shandeh! In the words of our grandmother who passed for Catholic, a chazer bleibt a chazer, with or without lipstick.

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