Park Slope Tree Chopped, Neighbors Complain: RS Takes a Stand


Queens Crap, with whom we normally agree, repeats the most damning parts of Jennifer 8. Lee‘s New York Times story of a Park Slope tree chopped down by the Department of Parks and Recreation. Locals swear it was healthy; the DPR says it was not.

No one mentioned what can happen with dead trees in New York, as was demonstrated by our August 17 story about a rash of falling trees in Queens. Last we heard, the corrections officer who was conked by a dead tree that day still had brain swelling and had lost her power of speech, and hers was only the most serious in a series of arboreal accidents we then noted.

As recently as Monday, a 60-year-old Queens limo driver suffered injuries from glass shattered by a storm-weakened tree that struck his window in Manhattan. We love our vegetable companions as much as the next guy, but when it comes to giant columns of wood on public property, we believe any hint of weakness should be grounds for removal.

Perhaps we can appease both sides by replacing wonky trees with healthy striplings, and transplanting the displaced flora to forests where, if they fall, no one will hear nor have his skull crushed by them.