Poll: New York’s Best Bagels


Robert Sietsema and I just wrapped up writing our portion of the Best Of New York issue, which comes out in late October. Obviously, any Best Of list is a work of opinion designed to spark conversation more than to be utterly definitive. Everyone loves lists and superlatives, and arguing over them. With something as subjective as food, there will always be people who think your picks are akin to crimes against humanity. It’s fun to make a stand for your favorite underdog place or to debate the relative merits of perennial favorites like Di Fara’s and Shake Shack.

So Robert and I have spend a lot of time talking about iconic New York foods in the past couple months. But I realized that there’s one iconic food we didn’t cover—bagels. So I’m wondering, what’s your pick for the best bagels in New York? Let’s vote! Email me or leave your pick in the comments.


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