Weekend Peek-In: NYC Rates, Men Fall, SI Buses Better, Obama’s Off, Ledger’s Boite


Hot or not? Travel + Leisure reports in its 2008 American Cities reader survey that New York is first among 25 rated metropoli in theatre, classical music, personal style, parks, and five other categories; last in affordability, peace and quiet, and as a “relaxing retreat”; next-to-last for friendliness; and a mere ninth for the attractiveness of its citizens, which greatly annoys the New York Daily News, which asks “Melody Cuello, 22, of the Bronx” if we’re really uglier than the #1-seeded Miamians and receives an unsurprising answer, though a commenter says “NYC women are starting to fall off.”

Dear Sugar commenters elaborate; EV Grieve summarizes: “New York has lovely skylines, stylish and diverse people, great art galleries, and we’re really expensive and not too fucking friendly.” Also: “Fuck you!”

The Staten Island Advance‘s Traffic and Transportation Blog reports improvements to local bus service: this summer “only a handful” of SI buses have malfunctioning air conditioning, and a new bus depot, “seen as critical to the reliability of the borough’s bus-transportation network,” is set to open in 2010.

Two more falling men: WCBS says a diabetic suffered a seizure Friday and fell onto the tracks at the 34th Street subway station, but the train braked just in time and he escaped with cuts and bruises. That same day a midtown building super, his name apparently unknown to any residents who may have been interviewed, attempted to enter the building’s elevator, the door of which had opened but the cabin of which had not arrived, and fell five stories to his death, reports WNBC.

Obama won’t be on Saturday Night Live tonight; “the unfolding crisis in Texas” (Hurricane Ike) causes him to skip his planned guest appearance, says E!online.

Heath Ledger’s bar Five Leaves, now supported by the late actor’s estate, will open to the public in Brooklyn on Wednesday, says Access Hollywood. The boite on Bedford near Manhattan Avenue is described as a “super casual California and Australia-tinged cafe, coffeehouse and oyster bar, with greenmarket snacks.”

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