Formal Petition to Have Every Musical Performance on Television for the Next Six Months End with Lil Wayne Playing a Guitar Solo


Totally almost worth it, slogging through another miserable episode of the single most overrated pop-culture entity in American history, just to get to the last 30 seconds here, wherein Lil Wayne actually deigns to play the kelly-green guitar strapped to his back, a hilariously dainty fingertapping display that’s easily the funniest thing this goddamn show has offered us since Sprockets. And you thought Madonna tried to play guitar every once in a while for visual effect. But this, of course, was fantastic, and should thus be a mandatory part of any TV performance for a half-year at least, whether it involve My Morning Jacket, Miley Cyrus, Nas, the London Philharmonic, whoever. This is our generation’s version of the Bo Diddley beat. Let its influence spread far and wide.

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