New York

You Can Be My ‘Blogger of The Week’!


Yes, you, Anonymous! And you too, Anonymous! And you too, Name-Changed-To-Some-Campy-Dead-Diva’s! This is your chance to step into my faded ruby slippers and blog your way to to glory, for 10 minutes, anyway. All that you, my dear readers, have to do is come up with some kind of rant, whether it be about something in the news, in gossip, or stuck in your craw, about anything from lovers to TV shows to Sarah Palin to crystal meth and beyond. Write your tirade somewhat longer than your usual comments—between 150 and 300 words is fine—and make it good, but obviously not better than my own blog posts! We don’t want that!

And send it to me at Don’t leave it here as a message—I want to make it a blog item of its own right smack on La Daily Musto and give you stellar billing, using only your illustrious screen name, of course. So how about it, kids? What’s bugging you? Tell Mama and I’ll make you a star!

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