Best of the Flickr Lehman Brothers Pics


There was some street action outside Lehman Brothers Sunday night as employees started moving out their things, reports MSNBC: “People snapped pictures with cameras and their phones. Observers pressed up against a police barricade drew the ire of one man who emerged from the building and shouted: ‘Are you enjoying watching this? You think this is funny?'”

A few of them probably did, but we imagine it was more an urge to bear witness to history that brought out the crowds and cameras. At Flickr you can see some impressive shots taken by citizen-photojournos on Sunday and Monday near the bankrupt financial firm’s Seventh Avenue headquarters.

While some of the Flickr folk go in for mordant social commentary, most are documentary in their approach — some perhaps too much so, as with avishaiweiss, who just snaps lots of people going in and out of the building. But other photorealists show a bit of style, and even achieve poignancy.

Protesters naturally drew attention. sotek catches a Commie complete with red flag and “Wall Street Go To Hell For Workers Revolution!” poster. daniel.gene has a man with a sign that reads “Who will be next?”

Some watch the watchers: a news crew in action, a French anchorman filing his report, downtime among the Fourth Estate.

Trace Murphy shows us the giant card that someone was having people fill out (“Green pens for employees, black for everybody else”), illustrated by a portrait of Lehman’s Dick Fuld. Messages include “I AM SPARTACUS,” “THE FED CAN’T HELP EVERYONE,” “Every Day Is a Gift,” and “GREED.”

Our medal goes to CVerwaal for his man standing, Bluetoothed and attentive, among onlookers with a sign saying, “Looking to HIRE a Sysadmin…. I’m not kidding.”

Image via Robert Scoble (cc)


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