Brace Yourselves For The Worst Music Video of All Time!


Yes I’ve found it! A YouTube treasure that should be buried along with my ex boyfriend (and he’s alive). It’s “Why,” a 1982 sort-of-dance tune by the normally talented Carly Simon from the soundtrack to the failed romantic comedy Soup For One. As she ponders her question-mark-deficient query, Carly’s clumsy strutting down the street is uncomfortable enough, but then having everyday zhlubs mouth along to the “la dee dah dee dah” part, in between Carly flirting with them and weirdly eating ice cream, all amounts to VOMIT for one. It all just comes across so cheesy and themeless! It’s like they shot only for an hour and then used nothing but the outtakes. There’s no way anyone played this thing, even at bars wanting to clear the room come closing time. But at least the clip presents a light-hearted glimpse of the Upper West Side of years past, way before zoning regulations would no doubt forbid such annoyingly whimsical behavior. Otherwise, “why” indeed.

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