Lil’ Hipsters Cover “Shimmy Shimmy Ya,” Teach Children How to DJ


Rap fans will long be familiar with the Weekend at Bernie’s-type interludes at Wu-Tang shows, when GZA or whoever drags out ODB’s corpse or one of his living relatives and everybody does a verse off “Shimmy Shimmy Ya.” Downtown bar patrons know the more local version, too, in which whatever DJ in whichever bar inevitably throws the song on and everybody pretends like it’s 1995 again for a minute.

Yet there is forever a next generation—presumably why Wu-Tang still do the tributes. Lil’ Hipsters, distant descendant of what was once a public access TV show, the Kid America Adventure Hour, and more recently an insurgent rap act called Bandy, chronicles the adventures of young naive puppet named Krispy as he’s schooled by Crunchy, a drug-addled and embittered downtown dude.

In the newest episode, “Too Many DJ’s,” Krispy makes the terrible decision so many have made before him: to become a DJ. So what happens when a young puppet named Krispy decides to become a disc jockey and share his Gossamer Wump and It’s Fun to Be Neat records with the world? He get’s ODB’ed, obviously. Follow along as Lil’ Hipsters take on rap, techno, the Germs, girl groups, and of course that great downtown sacrificial god, Morrissey. Sample puppet interview: “The only thing I love more than techno music…is ecstasy.”

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