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NYDN: Markowitz Gave Borough Bucks to His Own Non-Prof


The New York Daily News reports that Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has over the years assigned city contracts worth about $700,000 to Best of Brooklyn, Inc. BBI worked with the Beep on the Brooklyn Book Festival, the How Sweet It Is! Sweet Potato Pie Scholarship Contest, Take Your Man to the Doctor Week, and other such civic activities.

The problem, says the Daily News, is that the non-profit is actually Markowitz’s own organization. He serves as its “honorary chairman,” and three of the seven BBI board members also have jobs with the Beep’s office. The News finds it suspicious that four of BBI’s contracts were for $24,999 — one dollar shy of the $25,000 limit over which contracts have to be reviewed by the city controller.

Markowitz says it’s all a misunderstanding. A Curbed commenter says, “I think I just saw Marty drowning his sorrows at Junior’s. He was knee deep in cherry cheesecake.”

As if that weren’t hard enough cheese for the Beep, Pardon Me For Asking investigates Markowitz’ new rat extermination program at Borough Hall and pronounces it a failure.

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