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Conservative Candidate Bails in NY-13


After an avalanche of bad luck, Republican Bob Straniere catches a break: Paul Atanasio, the Conservative Party candidate for the 13th District Congressional seat Straniere wants, has quit, says the Staten Island Advance. Conservative as Democrat Michael McMahon is, Atanasio’s candidacy was bound to draw more votes from Straniere, especially among disaffected Republicans — even Republican former Staten Island Beep Guy Molinari said he might vote for Atanasio.

Of course, it’s assumed the Party will find somebody else, but likely not anyone with the name recognition of Atanasio, who’s been in Staten Island politics for over 25 years. As for Strainere getting the line, forget it. While the State Conservative Party Chairman, Mike Long, says he’s “not sure exactly” what the party would do, Brooklyn Conservative Chairman Jerry Kassar tells the Advanace flat out that he doesn’t “see any interest among my members” in nominating Straniere.

Meanwhile Atanasio has put his name in contention for a Brooklyn state Supreme Court judgeship that recently became available.


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