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No More Court Control for Homeless Services, Says City


How often have you read, in New York Post editorials and elsewhere, that damned meddlesome judges were keeping the city from solving its homeless problem? We don’t expect it to stop, but now the complaint will be even less reasonable: after 25 years of litigation, Mayor Bloomberg announced today that an agreement with the Legal Aid Society and others will end court oversight of the city’s homeless services system.

Under the agreement, “a new case would be filed and, following a class action settlement hearing at which the court will be asked to approve the settlement, all cases against the City and State, as well as the new one, would be dismissed,” said the Mayor’s office, freeing the city from the need to comply with “highly-detailed court orders” as it deals with the homeless.

The Mayor’s office also complimented itself on its homeless shelter, outreach, and housing placement. Henceforth, address all complaints to them.


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