Our Man Sietsema Revisits Jackson Heights


This week, Our Man Sietsema visits Delhi Heights, a new Punjabi place in Jackson Heights with gussied-up decor (a Spam-colored bar). The spot features good versions of the usual Punjabi dishes, as well as vegetarian South Indian favorites like dosas (not as good) and Indo-Chinese fare like Manchurian cauliflower (awesome).

In fact, if you’re obsessed with Indian-Chinese (like I am), this is the place to go:

Delhi Heights turns out to be the best advocate for Indian-Chinese in town, utilizing the usual five sauces and adding some authentic Chinese stir-fries. The menu offers a transcendent cauliflower Manchurian—a “dry” curry annealed with a powerful sweet coating.

Our Man says he finally has a reason to go to Jackson Heights. I’d add Rajbhog Sweets & Snacks to that list, which makes delicious chaat and Gujarati snacks.

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