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Why It’s Important To Play Hard To Get


I don’t advocate game playing in relationships—except for an occasional bout of Parcheesi and some late-night Twister—but at the beginning, when you’re trying to ensnare your mate, it’s imperative that you act mildly elusive and don’t give it all away! People on the dating scene, especially menfolk, tend to be deeply insecure, and if you act like you like them too much too soon, they will freak out and think you’re desperate and crazy! (And you well may be.) Since most guys don’t really like themselves that much, they will feel that your appreciation of them brands you a nutjob with questionable judgment and they will run for the nearest hills (often to be found on someone else’s chest).

Make sure to appeal to their own self doubt by acting semi cool, as if you agree that they’re cracked goods and you have to be persuaded to go for the final purchase. They will take you up on the challenge. At the same time, this behavior ups your own allure because you come off interested yet not quite available—a plum ripe for the picking, but one just out of reach. The delicious torture of it all will make you irresistible! No one wants a free donut they find on the street when they can wait for hours on line at Magnolia and pay top prices for a much-hyped cupcake.

Be a cupcake, baby! Be a ripe plum! Tease and titillate your man into total submission! And then once you’ve got him, it’s crucial to stop playing games for all time. Be easy to get or you’ll be easy to get rid of!

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