amNY: If You’re Thinking of Living in Red Hook…


Today’s amNY Red Hook feature gives some romantic historical background (shipping, decline, roaming packs of wild dogs, renaissance) before getting to the pitch: shopping, dining, nightlife and leisure options. Red Hook Ballfields! Hope & Anchor! A shop with a real red hook! And of course Ikea.

If you’re sold, be informed that “residential space is in short supply and there’s not much new construction,” and you know what that means. Large rents and million-plus sale prices are quoted. You can’t see the pads but they must be spectacular. If you’re worried about getting to and from work, a local realtor assures you that “the lack of a direct subway line also makes Red Hook what it is.” The charm of distance, and urban grit! How can you put a price on that?

Photo via Brownstoner.


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