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Times Reports Palin “Unscripted,” in No Need of One, in MI | Village Voice

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Times Reports Palin “Unscripted,” in No Need of One, in MI


The New York Times reports the McCain-Palin appearance in Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday as “Palin Unscripted,” though the Vice-Presidential candidate was apparently given few challenges from the Republican crowd. A typical audience question the Times recorded came from a woman who identified herself as a former Hillary Clinton supporter who asked about Title IX women’s sports programs, over which Palin enthused.

Palin mainly praised McCain and the GOP as “the party that embraces the change and the progress that America and American women are craving and deserving,” and defended her ability to be a mother and a Vice-President simultaneously.

The Grand Rapids Press gave short takes on the event, describing competing slogans (“Hot chicks vote Republican” vs. “a woman who’s not afraid to hate other women,” etc.) and the enthusiasm and wisecracks of attendees.

McCain got another boost from a federal judge who yesterday ruled that the GOP candidate was a natural-born U.S. citizen and thus eligible for the Presidency.


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