A Me Montage with Some Frothing Fans


Part of being an internationally renowned celebrity, especially on Bowery between 3rd and 4th Streets, is that sometimes people come up to you oozing praise and begging to take photos with you so they can turn them into collages surrounded by lotsa hearts. I must say I find this kind of thing to be utterly appalling, invasive, and disturbing—not! In fact, I live for it, especially when they send the finished product over via email and demand photo credit. So here is my most recent “Me and my Public” collage, initiated by my not so secret admirer Mike Clitoria Schluter (the guy with all the tongue action) and taken by his dutiful friend, Yann Perrigault. Let’s make this a Highlights magazine-type game: See if you can spot the two trannies.

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