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Aspirational Neighborhoods: Slope You Are If You Think You Are


Interesting item in the New York Observer about the tendency of Park Slope’s imaginary borders to expand outward, especially when described by real estate agents. The Argyle Park Slope condo is on Fourth Avenue and 7th Street, which some people consider part of Gowanus. The building’s website boasts of its proximity to the 4th Avenue-9th Street train station, in what in olden times we called South Slope (because it sloped down from the Park), which we see has moved due south toward the higher-numbered streets rather than the lower-numbered avenues.

We also remember when Gowanus was just a canal, East Williamsburg was Bushwick, and residents of north Williamsburg considered themselves part of Greenpoint, but let’s not go down that road or next we’ll be telling you about how LaGuardia (before he was a Place) used to read the funnies to us on the radio.

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