New York

‘Blogger of the Week’ Number 3 Is Here!


Yes, another lucky, plucky person responded to my ‘blogger of the week’ contest asking for readers’ rants and he’s won the amazing chance to get it published right here on the starmaking venue known as ‘La Daily Me Me Me’! It’s Timothy Kirk, who has been to Chelsea so we don’t have to and has even noticed the disturbing writing on the walls there! Here goes:

Has anyone noticed the proliferation of new oddball handbills posted all over Chelsea? There are posters for weirdo presidential candidates without any chance of anything other than recognition from people using mailboxes, strange personal messages on stickers, and my new favorite, Christ Radio. The Christ Radio posters have begun appearing on 6th Avenue and are now showing up on 23rd Street, 7th Avenue and elsewhere in the area. If you haven’t seen them, they often have misspelled messages with awkwardly inserted words (gerunds?) such as ‘fornicating’ added as if at the last minute, hand tinting, and a poison pen feel to the saviorific warnings of damnation if the bizarrely interpreted messages of Jesus are ignored. It seems to be a prank or a twisted come-on for a comedy show complete with tune-in frequency, and the model also looks to have been appropriated from an outside source with hair extensions poorly photoshopped on and lipstick and rouge unevenly applied, and for some unknown reason, bats are mentioned in many of the signs. Too bad the Devil is spelled “divel” and ‘you’ is even more amazingly spelled ‘yous’. What signs have you seen? Discuss.

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