End of Yankee Stadium 1.0: The Good with the Bad


Echoes of history preverberate as the Yankees slide into their final game at the current Yankee Stadium this Sunday. Yankee exec Ray Negron — who as a young graffitist was caught tagging Yankee Stadium by George Steinbrenner — helped put two new portraits on a nearby mural of Yankee heroes: those of Bobby Murcer and Steinbrenner, per AP.

Derek Jeter recently passed Lou Gehrig for total hits at Yankee Stadium; Manny Rivera passed Lee Smith to become the all-time #2 in saves; and Alex Rodriguez became the first player to get at least 35 homers and 100 RBIs over 12 seasons (also in the valedictory spirit, A-Rod worked out the terms of his divorce.)

Sunday’s sendoff promises to be big, and to temporarily obscure two recent negative developments for the franchise: the national stink over the new Stadium’s finances; and, for the first time since 1994, the Yankees will almost certainly not make the playoffs.


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