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Giuliani “Advises” Pillmaker Banned by FDA, Opposes Needle Program


The FDA has issued an Import Alert on Indian drugmaker Ranbaxy Laboratories, charging that two of Ranbaxy’s plants were found by FDA inspectors to have “inadequate aseptic (sterile) processing operations” and other shortfalls. Several Ranxbury generics can’t be sold in the U.S. till this clears up. Ranbaxy says it’s fully cooperating, but just to be on the safe side they’ve hired former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to “provide advice” and “review compliance issues.”

In other Giuliani medical news, the former Republican Presidential candidate denounced a clean-needle program for heroin addicts in Vancouver, British Columbia yesterday, saying “You should not encourage the use of drugs, that’s a terrible mistake,” per the Toronto Globe and Mail.

Giuliani advised, guess what, tougher policing. This is consistent with his policy as Mayor of opposing such programs even when they were shown to work. Many Globe and Mail commenters, being Canadian, disagree with Giuliani.

Giuliani’s previous medical experience includes denouncing the Democrats’ health care plans as inspired by “the socialized medical systems of Europe, Canada, and Cuba,” removing thousands of guns from city streets for the health of its citizens, and, according to John Podhoretz of National Review, helping to reduce abortion in New York by creating an “atmospheric change.”

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