New Microsoft Ads: PCs are The Real Change


TechCrunch has three new non-Seinfeld Microsoft ads. As befits the election season, they’re short on policy but long on image.

“I’m a PC,” says a John Hodgman type who appears at the outset of the ads, “and I’ve been made into a stereotype.”

We are then treated to quick clips of several multicultural, interesting-looking people who are also a PC, including environmentalists, a graffiti artist who says “I challenge the law,” Eva Longoria, Deepak Chopra, people who wear jeans, beards, etc. The emphasis is on knowledge workers, though there is one man who sells fish.

It’s a gorgeous mosaic that twists the famous Apple I’m-a-Mac-and-I’m-a-PC ads, and suggests one needn’t avail the less popular computer platform to be appealing and modern.

This is fun, and so would be (for entertainment purposes only) comparing it to another current power struggle. John McCain and his supporters have attempted to defuse the Obama “Change” phenomenon by telling people that Maverick McCain is “The Real Change.” To this end, he has engaged a young woman from exotic Alaska to appear at rallies with him, and in his new ad the candidate vows to take on Wall Street greed, which is quite a change for a Republican, promises “change is coming,” and is shown talking on a cellular phone.

In the coming weeks McCain will be obliged to tell us, in greater detail, why we should choose another Republican Administration, and Microsoft to tell us, in greater detail, why we should choose Vista. Both tasks are daunting, and both these seasoned campaigners can be forgiven for trying to soften the audience up with a little showmanship first.

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