Phillips de Pury ‘Bling’ Auction Postponed; Hip Hop’s Crown Jewels Suddenly Too Valuable To Sell


Ha ha ha ha! The long-awaited Phillips de Pury bling—ahem; “Hip Hop’s crown jewels”—auction, originally scheduled for October 1, has been postponed to March of next year in order to “Accommodate Strong Market Interest in Works,” which surely translates into something like “to accommodate strong rapper interest in keeping all the world’s gold to themselves,” or “to accommodate the sudden extreme poverty of the dudes who would otherwise be ironically bidding on Diddy’s vintage Bad Boy chain.” Presumably, there aren’t a lot of hedge fund dudes looking for that “CRUNK AIN’T DEAD” trophy piece for the condo they can no longer afford.

The move does, however, highlight the final genius of the chain phenomenon: long derided as fiscally irresponsible, the Jesus piece may be one of the few investments anyone could’ve made this year and come out ahead on, what with surging value of diamonds and minerals right now. Somewhere Young Berg is weeping even harder at the loss of his Transformers chain.

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