New York

Sugar Daddies Are Waiting With Their Wallets And Zippers Open!


Are you a “sugar daddy” or “sugar mommy” looking to “mentor” and “pamper” a younger person? Or are you a “sugar baby” seeking a “benefactor” to “enrich” your “cultural aspirations”? Have you had enough of all these fucking euphemisms and quote marks? Well, in the old days, you had to troll around bars and blow people in bathrooms while professing eternal devotion before ensnaring such a beneficial hookup. But now you can just try, a site devoted to inter-generational and inter-economic situations of a marvelously May-December nature. The site really seems to lay on the hetero aspect of it all, but maybe you can be ingenious enough to even find a homo “entrepreneur” or “protege” there. Or you can just get a job.

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