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Endgame: Yankees “Cling to Hope,” Mets Fans to Despair


Perspective is everything. After the big, heroic send-off given Yankee Stadium yesterday, the TimesBats blog reports the Yanks “Cling to Hope” for a miracle ending to this season and a playoff berth. Actually only Jose Molina — still pumped, no doubt, from hitting the final Yankee homer in the Old Stadium — expresses such a hope overtly (“We never know what can happen”), but reporter Tyler Kepner clearly feels the “giddy postgame swirl.”

Meanwhile The ‘Ropolitans drafts a letter to the Brewers: “The Wild Card is yours for the taking. We’re going to roll over and die during the last week of the season again, so feel free to snatch it up… Sincerely, The Mets.” Bats says the Mets fans should get an “apology” if they blow a playoff spot. We suggest a government bailout.

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