Hot Pix of Madonna in New Book


The last Madonna book (before the one by her irritated brother) almost got me arrested. In spoofing the Sex book by posing naked in the streets of New Jersey, I got stopped by angry cops, who only relented when I showed them my hard-to-get copy of the book and they popped wood. Unfortunately, they didn’t then ask for a full release sex act!

But enough about me. Madge is the subject of a whole new powerHouse Books entry, coming out next month, called Madonna: Confessions by her manager Guy Oseary—you know, the guy who brilliantly hyped Madonna’s suposed affair with A-Rod. I guess he’s a photographer too! Are there any limits to what these postmodern multihyphenates can do? Anyway, the tome features over 250 never-before-published images of our star, some of which are available at the above link. Having taken a gay glance, I can assure you that Madonna will love these shots, honey, because she looks really thin! So thin that I won’t be standing naked in the street aping them any time soon!

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