Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Ha-Ash’s “Already Home (With Brandi Carlile)”


Last week’s prediction: uh, highly-licensed and on a TV soundtrack?

This sister-sister act apparently sing mostly in Spanish, except when they’re going for that iTunes gold, in which case they use idiomatic, if Southern-flavored, English. For “Already Home,” imagine Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn,” except at 33rpm instead of 45. The licensing hook here—and there is one, making last week’s prediction a stunningly accurate one—is the Brandi Carlile feature. Carlile, who’s been walking this same pop-country line for a while already, albeit from the other side of the line, is a Grey’s Anatomy– soundtrack vet: She’s bidding for her fifth (sixth if you count the Grey’s Anatomy derivative Private Practice) placement with “Already Home.” Let’s just get this over with and, going forward, refer to the free iTunes single of the week as the Grey’s Anatomy minor league try-out of the week.

And what’s up with the iTunes predilection for siblings? Do siblings signify wholesomeness (although boy were they wrong about Black Kids)? Further questions: Is it too much to point out the brutally Disneyfied names here? Hanna Nicole Perez Mosa and Ashley Grace Perez Mosa—four of those eight names are not like the other four. The gist of the iTunes commentariat seems to mostly be rage at the misleading classification of Ha-Ash as “Latin,” although Txhomerun raises the (slightly hypocritical) question I think is slightly more relevant: “Though I don’t know how to pronounce the name, I’m impressed with song by Ha-Ash. Smooth sound.” That the name is clearly a play on the two band members’ first names does not in any way clear up my confusion here.

This song may in fact be the absolute worst iTunes free single of the week since we here at Sound of the City began reviewing free iTunes singles.

Next week’s prediction: Grey’s Anatomy, Grey’s Anatomy, Grey’s Anatomy

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