In Spin‘s current cover story, Beck says he turned down his first headlining date at Madison Square Garden because his current show isn’t right for the arena. You know what that means: Serious Beck–not Funny Beck–will be holding court at the United Palace tonight. Full of end-times blues laid over funky Danger Mouse grooves, this year’s Modern Guilt does as good a job as any Beck record does of mixing the dude’s light- and heavy-hearted sides; if he makes a few more like this, he might finally vanquish the dichotomy that’s always being enforced on his work. In any event, selecting the appealingly goofy hippie doofuses in MGMT as an opening act was a savvy move; by the time they’re done, folks might be in the mood for a little minor-key woe-is-we.

Wed., Oct. 8, 8 p.m., 2008