Breaking! Real World: Brooklyn Cast Members Hope to Record Albums, Pursue Acting


Devyn from the Real World

Apparently you do care about the Real World? Enough that you’d want to know that Chet Cannon, the bespectacled preener photographed mouth-munching Whitney Thompson, swears he isn’t engaged? Or that after this whole thing is over, Mr. Cannon wants to work in finance while his castmate Scott hopes to, ahem, “make it as an actor”?

Yes, the Real World: Brooklyn chodes were spotted again at another shitty rock show—this time it was Manic Panic punks Shiragirl. According to our ol’ friend Igor, the Warped Tour refugees were playing a Burning Angel model’s birthday party at Williamsburg’s Public Assembly and they’d invited Devyn, the Real World‘s token aspiring singer to perform two songs with them. Also:

Chet wanted me to make it very clear that he is not engaged, and both of them know this sort of thing comes with the package of being on TV. When it is all over Chet is going to get a job in finance and Scott hopes to make it as an actor. [Driven by Boredom]

No handy photo-collage by your bed? Scott is the Frat Boy Player and Devyn is the one with the alleged 34 Double-Ds.

Scott, the guy in blue

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