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Google Founders Roll Out (ha ha) Android T-Mobile Phone


Google and T-Mobile unveiled their G1 Android phone today.

It has a sliding keyboard, like a Sidekick, and a touch-screen, like an iPhone. It will roll out October 22 and cost you $179.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin even showed up at the press conference on rollerblades (because it’s “mobile,” right?), but they seemed more out of it than enthused. Brin talked about an app he once developed that would measure the time a handheld device hung in the air when tossed; asked if the Android had this feature, he said, “I should think about that, but maybe I won’t.”

eWeek‘s Google Watcher Clint Boulton is confused: “Am I missing anything here?… the G1, to my eyes and hands, is just another smart phone.”

But Fortune IDs the Android’s “first killer feature”: Google Street View in Compass Mode, which allows you to hold up the Android and see your street view change as you turn around, “not unlike the [view] you would get through the built-in camera if you were actually standing on that street corner.”


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