Rulers of the street-art gallery scene in London, Lazarides—the gallery owned by Steve Lazarides, agent of notorious graffiti artist Banksy—is bringing its British brand of cool to New Yorkers with a month-long pop-up show, titled The Outsiders, New York, at 282 Bowery, formerly a restaurant-supply store. Displaying works inside and outside the space are Paul Insect (whose Lazarides show last summer was entirely bought out by Damien Hirst for $1 million), Jonathan Yeo (who famously made a collage of Bush last year out of clippings of hard-core porn), and art collective Faile, as well as Anthony Micallef, Invader, Mode 2, Miranda Donovan, JR, BAST, David Choe, and Polly Morgan, among others. Making opening day extra special, the artist Zevs will project his latest work on the body of a naked woman. Not even the Vandal Squad could argue with that.

Fri., Sept. 26, 11 a.m., 2008

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