New Free Michael Moore Film: Is This the Kerryization of Obama?


In calling Senator Barack Obama a “dusky Dukakis,” Slate‘s Christopher Hitchens may have been a tad premature (not to mention rhetorically careless), but there’s no doubt that the Democratic candidate has been running a cautious campaign. And so now that Michael Moore is offering his help, I have to wonder whether Obama wants it.

Beginning today you can download for free Slacker Uprising, Moore’s new film compiled from his 62-city tour on behalf of Senator John Kerry in 2004. “The choir, especially on our side of the political fence, is often fairly dejected,” Moore tells the New York Times, “and could use a good song every now and then.” That’s what I thought when I joined one of the many long queues on opening weekend four years ago for Fahrenheit 9/11. We all know how that one turned out.—Benjamin Strong

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