Presiding over a formidable triple bill of grunge-guitar godheads, Built to Spill get in on the play-an-entire-album craze that’s lately claimed everyone from Belle and Sebastian to Raekwon. The disc in question: Perfect from Now On, the Boise rockers’ 1997 major-label debut and perhaps the purest distillation of frontman Doug Martsch’s prog-pop ideal. Built to Spill have been more tuneful (see There’s Nothing Wrong with Love, from 1994), and they’ve been more solo-tastic (see You in Reverse, from 2006). But they’ve never balanced both sides of their sound as elegantly as they do on Perfect. As last year’s reunion album by Dinosaur Jr., Beyond, made clear, time away doesn’t really affect those who choose to live outside time in the first place.

Sept. 25-26, 6:30 p.m., 2008