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Staten Island Shenanigans: Will GOP Candidate Drop Out?


The NY13 Blog looks at the increasingly interesting case of Bob Straniere, Republican candidate to succeed Vito Fossella in Congress. Fossella declined to run for reelection this year after a drunk-driving/second family scandal, but the unpopularity of Strainere, plus some recent polling and public appearances, have fed rumors of a Fossella comeback.

Now the New York Post reports that Straniere has received a New York County GOP judicial nomination — which, if accepted, would rule him out of the Congressional race. Straniere told the New York Observer he wasn’t interested and that he had “no idea” how he received the superfluous nomination.

“There are very mixed signals here,” says NY13 Blog. No kidding. Whatever the gag is, it doesn’t seem Straniere’s in on it. Maybe the three-year-old skeleton found recently in Great Kills Park was meant as a warning to him.


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